Praxtour CTR

The ultimate cycling experience!

Praxtour CTR
Praxtour CTR

The Praxtour CTR makes your bikeride feel almost lifelike. In ascents and descents the bike automatically leans forwards and backwards. Your speed determines the strength of the wind blowing fans and passive sideways tilt lets you experience cornering and overtaking as in real life!

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CTR Tilt Frame

  • Sturdy steel base, moving backwards and forwards according to road profile;
  • Monitor moves forwards and backwards with the bike;
  • Powder coated in black or white and gray;
  • Wind Simulation: 2 strong fans blowing on cycling speed;
  • Passive sideways tilt for realistic cycle feeling.


  • Design based on real racing bike;
  • Triple/10 speed Shimano electronic shifters;
  • Frame and console are made of steel and coated with an extremely resistant varnish;
  • Available in the colours black, metallic blue or shiny white;
  • Maintenance free chain gives a very realistic feeling;
  • Comfortable quality gel saddle;
  • Adjustable stem for optimal rider's position.
  • 3-in-1 Combination pedals (SPD/Look click system / sportshoes);

Computer including 23'' touch screen

  • Very fast computer with an excellent graphic performance;
  • Ultimate ease of use with Touch Screen.


  • Easy to use program Virtual RealCycling;
  • Active Resistance, climbing rates are automatically translated into resistance;
  • Adjusting the resistance is possible. Less-trained athletes can also join VirtuReal cycling;
  • On-screen display: time, gear, speed, resistance, driving distance, climbing rate, pulse, calories, wattage and cadence;
  • Adjustable wind simulation: 0 - 25 - 50 - 75 - 100%;
  • TimeRiding: ride a time trial and see the differences in time and distance on the monitor;
  • MultiRiding: cycle against one or more opponents with time- and distance differences.


  • 12 beautiful routes and a warming up are included and placed on the hard disk;
  • All routes contain time intermediates that can also be used as a start or finish;
  • The route films are continuously expanded, also with nice flat rides.

Other items

  • Praxcare perspiration cloth.


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