Can I use the Praxtour only as a home trainer?

Of course cycling is possible without resistance. Praxtour works only if it's connected to a computer and using the route film.

Can I cycle the route film on my own bike or home trainer?

No, the Praxtour is equipped with unique software and electronics that is not on any other bike. Our bike and route film form an inseparable whole.

Can I also use films from other suppliers?

No, our route films are specially made for the Praxtour. And for that reason you cannot use our films in other systems.

Should I cycle the whole route?

No, each longer route has 5 measurement points, which can be chosen as a starting and a finishing point.

Can I cycle untrained or in moderate condition the Alpe d'Huez?

It is never wise to cycle untrained a heavy trip such as Alpe d'Huez. You are solely responsible for you own actions. Praxtour is not liable for the consequences of irresponsible use! You can also lighten the resistance set by the climb.

How many movies can we expect in the future?

Praxtour aims to offer its users an extensive library of route films. Every year, at least 6 routes (1 box) will be added.