Service & Warranty

Software detection

Praxtour is carefully tested and checked for defects. The software detects failures so that it often can be solved immediately. A simple restart can sometimes be sufficient to solve problems.

Service with a failure

Should faults occur, they will be repaired quickly by the technical service department of your distributor.


Guarantee on the Praxtour Course, including the supplied parts, (touch screen) monitor, computer and repair cost, is 1 year. The warranty will lapse if you have worked on the Praxtour yourself.


We advise professionals (gyms) to buy an extra 2-year Service contract directly.
This contract includes:

  • Software updates;
  • Annual delivery of 1 box with 6 new route films;
  • Helpdesk Support -> by phone and e-mail;
  • Service within 72 hours in case of failure;
  • Labour costs;
  • Driving costs.