Use Praxtour

Setting the resistance:

Of course it is not possible for everyone to cycle a heavy mountain stage with the real-life resistance immediately. Non-climbers and less trained should also enjoy Praxtour. For this reason Praxtour offers the possibility of resistance setting at the start of the tour. Four settings 'Light, Medium, Sport and Real' are available.

Time Riding:

With 'Time Riding’ you can choose your own results or those of another from a previous trip as comparison material. The results are displayed on the monitor. At various sampling points you can compare your time with the chosen times.

Multi Riding:

With ‘MultiRiding’ you can use up to 4 Praxtours while cycling a route together. This increases the competition element and forces you to go to the extreme! You can monitor your time and distance differences compared to your components.


Praxtour is eminently a product that you should have experienced. Praxtour offers interested persons this experience in our showroom. For gyms a trial offer is an excellent option. Check 'Experience Praxtour'.

Route Films:

Our library of route films is regularly extended. Besides new mountain stages, some Classics, World- and National Championships and beautiful flat rides will be added. Check 'Route Films'.

Click here to download the Praxtour user manual.